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National Playwright Angela Dunlap knows all too well the demands of show business and all that it entails: hectic schedules, rehearsals and deadlines. Moreover, she also knows that the joys of motherhood can be even busier. With that being said, two of Angela's wonderful children, Cameron and Kennedy Dunlap, decided to write the perfect book that describes their mother's day-to-day duties. Whether it's making sure their homework is complete, cooking, cleaning or redirecting them, they assure you that a mother's job is never done. One thing is certain, when it's all said and done, Mama Knows Best!

Mama Knows Best

SKU: 0001
  • Published by Dunlap Entertainment and Kendrix & Kendrix LLC Illustrations by: Kingdom Marketing 

    © Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved. 

    Edited by: Lavonne Cliff-Thomas 

    for Getitdonewrite

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